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#998778 - 19.12.13 15:02 Annual meeting at Ascension day 2014
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After some discussions and a poll the location of the big annual meeting got decided. It will be the Edersee. Two excursions (German posts sorry) happened already to check out the campground. Also we developed some tracks to find the campground and for some day trips as well.

The meeting took place at the same campground in 2002, 2003 and 2004. More infos are to be found at History. Some photos of the camp ground and the area are here.

Them actual information will be found at Meeting 2014 link to be corrected

The dates for the meeting are: Arrival Wednesday 2014.05.28, departure at Sunday2014.06.01.
The ascension day at Thursday is a public Holiday in Germany (fathers day), so all shops are closed. Side note: at fathers day the daddy's get the special license by their spouse to get seriously drunk, so ride with care in the late afternoon.

Location: Camping- und Ferienpark Teichmann Camping- und Ferienpark Teichmann. As a group we will get a 10 % discount, details to be found in the wiki page. You need to mention the bikefreaks codeword to discount.

By train you can get close to the campground.
- Bf Frankenberg, RB42 Burgwaldbahn, Marburg-Frankenberg time table (pdf)
- Bf Korbach, Kurhessenbahn R4/RT4, Kassel-Korbach, time table 2014 (pdf) and RB55/R55 Korbach-Brilon Wald/Stadt time table (pdf)
- Bf Winterberg, RE17/57, Dortmund/Hagen-Winterberg, time table (pdf) , more information is available at the Verkehrsverbund ZRL .
Unfortunately the connection to Herzhausen is unavailable in 2014 due to construction work. Too bad, because Herzhausen is only one km away from the campground.

Tracks find the campground by bicycle will be in the radreise-wiki, at least from:
- Winterberg
- Frankenberg
- Korbach
- ...

In the recent years the annual meeting was perfectly organized. There has been a request by many of the participants that we allow a little more organic growth of the meeting. This will be the case this time. for instance there will be no participant lists for the day trips. No rule without an exception, for one special trip only a certain amount of people is possible, so this one will be the only one with a list.
So it is the responsibility of every one there at the meeting to make it a success. The orga team will not do micro management for the group, you are experienced travelers so it is not necessary.
It is your show, folks.

At the campground we will have a huge barbecue hut reserved for us. We might give it up at one evening for the BINGO game (just a few hours). Tables and benches are in this hut. As it is a barbecue hut we can use the barbecue (for sure) and the bonfire place 20m away.

The Teichwiese is reserved for us.

A webcam is located at the reception of the campground. You can see the small lake and the beach.

As time goes by, more information will be in the wiki page.

Hope we will see you there.
Cycling is an addiction, it can drive you quite insane. It can rule your life as truly as strong whiskey and cocaine.

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