Doping & Tour de France

Posted by: Thomas SH

Doping & Tour de France - 02/19/13 09:39 PM

Hey Guys,

Tyler Hamilton is currently accusing Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes of helping him take doping. Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his 7 Tour de France wins along with numerous other cyclists, that have either been banned from races or stripped of their wins.

The question is should the UCI, WADA, USADA, and CCN continue there battle against doping or do you think that doping should be allowed?

Since the beginning of the Tour de France riders have cheated ... Even the first winner of the Tour: Maurice Garin, took the train part of the way in the 1904 race and was strippe dof his wins.

It might be unethical to even suggest it, but wouldn't the Tour de France be a little more interesting if riders were allowed to du whatever they wanted? - May the best/sneakiest man win :-)