Bike shop Vancouver and US meetups :)

Posted by: karolv

Bike shop Vancouver and US meetups :) - 02/09/15 10:47 AM

hello there, is there any cheap and good store in Vancouver or is better to order directyl from internet store. Any ideas what to see when I will as a part of my world trip passing Canada. checkout here for more info on my website World Bike Travel. Thanks for any informations and if you are interested in meetup during my Canada / US tour let me know and we can have a beer.
Posted by: Katun

Re: Bike shop Vancouver and US meetups :) - 02/26/15 06:13 PM

you want to go from Vancouver to Washington? There is not much Canada on the way ...
Shop: - don't know what they stock for bicycling but I guess e.g. their own label and things aren't that bad. Online-order is only possible with a canadian address I think, worth to visit a store in Vancouver. Go to Vancouver Island. There should be a ferry to Seattle from Victoria or so.

sorry, I don't understand you planned route, from Vancouver to Mexico City, Pacific to Atlantic ... tongue