Re: Doping & Tour de France

Posted by: Cyclenomad-J

Re: Doping & Tour de France - 07/23/15 05:44 PM

The Tour de France is on right now and nearing its conclusion. I just had a discussion about the topic the other day with my friend. We think there´s probably still some form of doping in the sport. Not as extreme as in Armstrong´s day, but still. The Tour de France is such an inhuman quest to accomplish, so many kilometers, such high speeds, so little rest, how would they be able to do it clean?

No doping agencies however would spin the dope taking out of control and deaths would not be weird consequence. I think it´s important for the health of the riders (particularly in the long-term)that there is outside supervision.

Also, I hope they´re all doping equally, so that the best man still wins (go Froome!).

Let´s see how the next days turn out.