Castelli e Torri di Guardia [Syracuse]

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Castelli e Torri di Guardia [Syracuse] - 02/15/20 10:47 AM

Castelli e Torri di Guardia della Provincia di Siracusa [DEC2019-JAN2020]
Info&Video HERE

From an original idea of Antonio Randazzo, eminent artist and historian, a short mid winter trip in the southeast of Sicily along the coast and the interior of the Province of Syracuse, town founded over than 2700 years ago by ancient Greek Corinthians and birthplace of the preeminent mathematician and engineer Archimedes.
A “varicoloured” cycling route that allows you to see the existing or better what remains of a considerable quantity of fortifications and defensive constructions built between 800 and 1800 ca. in the province of Syracuse.
The visited sites, with a few exceptions, were often even difficult to locate, most of the time abandoned, vandalized, poorly signposted, closed or simply unknown even to the local inhabitants; some of them even "trapped" in industrial areas or impenetrable private funds or even worse mortified in boundless neighborhoods of pretty ungraceful buildings built after some insane regulatory plans of the past.
In short, a very respectable historical heritage, often consumed by the time and widely neglected risking nowadays to be lost unfortunately forever.
PS: a thought to the numerous dogs encountered everywhere, wandering in the nothing, as lost, certainly lively but never truly aggressive.
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Re: Castelli e Torri di Guardia [Syracuse] - 02/16/20 06:05 PM

Dear Conrad,

Thank you for this interesting contribution. It would really be a pity if these historical places would not be conserved. There are many interesting places in Sicily where my wife and I have visited several, but by far not all.