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Re: Rear Waterproof Pannier help - 09/10/09 07:36 AM

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This is my first post. I am a bike commuter and need a waterproof pannier that can also be used as a backpack. Right now, the best I have found is this one from Nashbar

But I think it's just one big area inside- my wallet, keys, chapstick, etc. will just fall to the bottom and be hard to get to if there are books and clothes in the way. Does anyone know of any models that have pockets or compartments or something inside the pannier (or at least in an area sheltered from the rain)?
So I'm looking for a pannier that:
1) is waterproof
2) can be used as a backpack as well
3) has some sort of compartments to keep track of small items

Any help??

A waterproof pannier is a storage product that is used on cycles and motorcycles. The pannier allows the safe and dry storage of all belongings whilst out cycling or biking, be that on or off road.Single pannier with quick release multi-fit system suitable for use on most types and diameters of rear carrier. 100 waterproof with banded seams, rubber lugged fitting plates and reflective tapes