Hilleberg "Nallo"

Posted by: Pietzel

Hilleberg "Nallo" - 06/06/08 08:33 AM

Hi, anybody interesting in my Hilleberg "Nallo" (used, two persons, 2100 gr.) with new, "Original Hilleberg Footprint", whole tent.
In good condition, 100% rain proof, is good for a lot of holidays.
I sell it complete for 260 Euros, shipping not included.
Greetings, Klaos
Posted by: envuldio

Re: Hilleberg "Nallo" - 09/23/08 11:51 PM


wich type of Nalli is it ?
Nallo 2 or 3...
Posted by: Pietzel

Re: Hilleberg "Nallo" - 09/24/08 10:18 AM

its an Nallo 2.
Posted by: Pietzel

Re: Hilleberg "Nallo" - 10/17/08 05:38 PM

I sold it!