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Re: ... aiming to electrical "self-sufficiency" - 04/26/15 02:33 PM

Originally Posted By: ConRAD
Yes, I’d might be quite interested trying to replace zzing with an FL but do I have to change anything in my basic schematics? i.e., can FL take straightforward the place of the item labeled “AC/DC-DC/DC Converter”
I'm definitely the wrong person to answer questions when it comes to electric problems. But just in case you didn't find out yourself already: basically there are two versions of the forumslader possible. One ist for inner head-tube mounting, the other one - the compact version - you can place in your handlebar bag for example. Both versions include batteries. The first one with 6Wh, the compact one with 22Wh.
12V/5A, Bluetooth (Android App available), 1A or even 3A USB possible.
But i can not answer your question whether its possible to replace your zzing. i guess some more details about your setup and needs would be helpful.