Re: ... aiming to electrical "self-sufficiency"

Posted by: ConRAD

Re: ... aiming to electrical "self-sufficiency" - 04/25/15 02:49 PM

You are right, looking at the chart either e-werk and zzing are indeed well below 3W at 20km/h.
What it isnít clear so far is why FLs exhibit a power pick at 32-33 km/h and then they start to decrease.
As far as the 20 km/h speed is concerned Ö yes, it appears that that FLís are by far better perforrming.

Now however the point is:

- for all my USB devices for the last four years Iíve been using very satisfactorily an e-werk with its cache battery; however Iíve now replaced the e-werk with a zzing basically because it looks more compact having a built-in battery of 16 Wh and no more extra wires !!

- for all my NOT-USB devices Iím using a Powertraveller that I normally charge either from AC mains or from the sun via a photovoltaic panel.

Yes, Iíd might be quite interested trying to replace zzing with an FL but do I have to change anything in my basic schematics? i.e., can FL take straightforward the place of the item labeled ďAC/DC-DC/DC ConverterĒ ?

Thank you.