Re: wanderer-fahrraeder W-4

Posted by: nessuno

Re: wanderer-fahrraeder W-4 - 03/15/04 01:51 PM

here the bike:

Rahmen - frame (size-factor, frametype, colour (possible: black + blue))
Schaltung - gear-shift (Shimano Deore XT - Bereifung - tyre-equipment (serie = Marathon Plus reflex)
Bremse-kind of brake (serie is Magura HS11, possible: Magura HS33, Magura HS11-stealcable)
Seat Post: (Airwings Patent, Airwings Evolution)
Handlebar, rear carrier, low rider carrier for front fork, lock, kickstand, headlight

I wrote to Rohloof too...still now no answer. I'd like to use this gear...but I do not want to pay for it...and howevere the wanderer frame seems not to built for this gear (I mean With CC OEM )

I have doubts about airwings and magura. Does they really worth??